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Does Halloween Still Honor The Devil?


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Are parents and churches justified in keeping their children from Halloween parties?

Do Halloween celebrations contribute to and promote Satanism and occult interests?

These questions and many others are being asked by parents, pastors, teachers each Halloween season.

Before Halloween, there was a Celtic holiday to celebrate the New Year and honor Samhain, who was the Celtic god of the dead. The church then made November 1, All Saints Day.

Halloween, which is also called All Hallows Eve, then became a pagan festival to honor all the deities with a special emphasis on Samhain. A common druidic belief was that barriers between the worlds of the gods and mankind were broken down this night. Because of this, fires, animal and even human sacrifices were common in some areas.

The festival has traditionally been satanic, or at least associated with witchcraft practices. Today, children dress up as devils, ghosts, angels and a variety of seemingly scary ceatures. It also is a night of pranks.

To modern witches, occultists and Illuminists, Samhain is one of the highest holidays of the year. It is a night of sacrifices, rape and rituals, according to the occult calendar.


Should the children be locked tight in their rooms?

While no one should deny the occultic nature of many Halloween celebrations, it is probably unwise to ban Halloween. While we fully understand the position taken by a variety of people who do not participate at all, a better position might be to set up a series of alternative celebrations.

Remember, almost all of the children who dress up as goblins have neither the first clue nor idea what their costumes represent. They also have no knowledge of the true origins of Halloween.

If a parent or church group holds a party on Halloween, then they have control over what the kids are doing without ordering them to sit idle. The party doesn't need to be a standard Halloween party, but instead it can be a theme party where the children wear costumes related to a specific theme. By choosing your theme carefully, costumes with a satanic or occult-related nature can be avoided.

Halloween is also an exceptional time to give out a variety of educational gifts and treats. Religious groups can tape a piece of candy to each tract and schools can do the same with some form of educational gift and drop it in the bag.

Tracts and gifts relating to or which provide a distinct educational overview of the true origins or the reasons for celebrating Halloween are even better.

All this doesn't mean that we should condone Halloween or overlook the actions that will occur that night.

Sit down with your children and explain what Halloween really means. Most kids are responsive to honest and open dialogue about subjects that concern you.

Don't sit them down for a lecture, but let them become informed and come to their own informed conclusions about Halloween. If presented properly, they will learn and will more than understand your concerns.

One thing that parents do need to be careful about is that Halloween is often a time when satanists, occultists, witches and illuminists look for converts. Often they will hold, what appear to be, seemingly harmless celebrations of Halloween. People from outside the group are invited to bonfires or other activities and they look for those who are unduly interested in the occult activities.

Again, your best protection is talking to the kids before the situation arises, again making them informed.

It is important to note that...

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... is an all-volunteer, self-funded, investigative research organization, staffed by dedicated law enforcement and security professionals, members of clergy, investigative researchers, parents, educators and concerned citizens.

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"We do not want our children to be exposed to witchcraft," was the cry of a parent of six. "If they are going to pass out witchcraft certificates, they should promote the Bible and pass out certificates of righteousness."

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Local church pastors found the Harry Potter series of books to be very objectionable. They focus on witchcraft, death and dying, disrespect of parents and much more which we find totally objectionable.

"We believe that recognized witchcraft is a religion and the certificate endorsed a particular religion in violation of the First Amendment."

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