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Police, Criminal Justice and Security Titles for 2003 | Informative and Useful Links In Your Interest!
Police, Criminal Justice and Security Titles for 2003

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Criminal Justice in America Series

Crime and Justice in the 21st Century

Crime and Justice In America

Ideals and Realities in American Criminal Justice

Juvenile Justice in America

Police, Courts and Corrections Management

The Juvenile Justice System

Confronting Juvenile Violence in America

International Perspectives on Community Policing and Crime Prevention

Comparative Criminal Justice Systems

The Criminal Justice Student Writers Manual

Your Criminal Justice Career

Criminology Today

Crime and Criminology


Policing and Victims

Understanding Violence and Victimization

Corrections in America

The Incarcerated Woman

Turnstile Justice

Corrections in the United States

Correctional Administration

Probation and Parole

Probation, Parole and Community Corrections


Forensic Science Handbook

Criminal Investigation

Criminal Investigation for Police Recruits and Officers

Criminal Law Today

Crimes and Criminals

Basic Criminal Procedures

The Courts in Our Criminal Justice System

Criminal Courts

Domestic Violence: Heavy Hands

Terrorism Today: 2003 Update

With Justice For All

Its A Crime!

White Collar Crime: Profit Without Honor

Organized Crime

Death Penalty: Death Watch

Serial Killers/Mass Murderers: The Killers Among Us

Mass Murder in the United States

The Social Construction of the Street Gang Problem

The Law and Order Presidency

Understanding Todays Police

Policing in America

Policing America

The Police

Landing a Law Enforcement Job

The Managing of Police Organizations

Police Administration

Modern Police Management

Police Supervision

Policing the Community

Police Field Operations

Critical Issues in Police Training

A Practical Guide to Police Training

Community Policing: When Cultures Clash

The Police and the Community

Strategies for Community Policing

Policing and Community Partnerships

Action Spanish for Law Enforcement: with Training CD-ROM

Report Writing: Police Talk

Painless Police Report Writing

Policing and Misconduct

How to Be a Great Cop

Policing and Crime Prevention

Stress Management For Law Enforcement Officers

Security Management

Private Security in America

Fundamentals of Protection and Safety For the Private Protection Officer

Security Officers Training Manual







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