The Most Important GANG Awareness Handbook You and Your Community or School Will Ever Need!
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One of the most serious threats facing America's youth today, GANGS are growing in alarming numbers across the nation. Whether your community faces an ongoing GANG problem or wants to prevent one,




CAN Help...

*Your Community,

*Your Children,

*Your School,

*Your Church, and

*Your Fellow Neighbors and Citizens!

This well-researched and easy-to-read guide to Recognizing and Understanding GANGS is an essential resource in the effort to Counter the dangerous and Often Violent Culture of Gang Life!


A Handbook for Community Awareness


*An in-depth history of the rise of Street Gangs in America;

*Why they formed and where; with first-hand accounts of Gang life from the people who lived it and lived with it.

*A comprehensive guide to the Symbols, Styles of Dress, Graffiti, and Rituals Used by Gangs; helping you to identify them in your community, as well as a guide to addressing the problem as it rises; including a thorough overview of successful anti-Gang programs from communities around the nation.

*An indispensable guide to Resources, Organizations, and Support Groups available to help you take the necessary steps to Protect Your Neighborhood and Your Children from GANGS!

Written by a Counselor, a Police Officer and a Teacher who have all successfully taken measures to halt the spread of Gang-related violence...


A Handbook for Community Awareness

...combines Testimonials, Dramatizations, and Detailed Information to Help Communities build foundations that support their youth and deter their affiliation with Gang members.

Contents Include:

Gangs Defined

Voice from the Front: Increase The Peace

*Colors and Crime: Gang Characteristics

*Homies, Wanna-Bes, and OGs: Gang Structure

*Jumped In: Gang Membership

*Defining and Tracking Gangs

*Rural and Urban Gangs: 7 Communities Fight Gangs

Respect Your Elders

Ethnicity, Gender and Beliefs: Gang Profiles

Voice from the Front: MASE Speaks

*Prison Gangs

*White Hate Gangs

*Black Gangs

*Asian Gangs

*Hispanic Gangs

*Girls in the Gang

The Case of the Closet Nazis

From Initiation to Burial: A Culture of Violence

Voice from the Front: The Drive-By Shooting




*Throwing Signs: Communicating Gang Identity


*Victims and Survivors

Lord, Help Me!

Everyday Life: Gangs in American Culture

Voice from the Front: Does Gangster Rap Affect Kids?

*Gangs in the Boardroom

*Gangs and the Military

*Gangs in the Schools

*Gangs in the Media

*Gangs in the Courtroom

Three Strikes and I'm Out!

Working Toward Solutions

Surviving the Gang Life

*A United Front: Enlisting the Help of the Community and Service Groups

*Home Work: Parents and Youth Get Involved

*Classroom Strategies for Teachers and Administrators

*Protecting The Bottom Line: Business and Media Solutions

*Curfews and Community Policing: Laws that Work For Everyone!

Check It Out For Yourself

Finding Help and Information

*A Resource Guide


A Handbook For Community Awareness

With Its Vital 276 Pages...

Is A Must Read for You in 2002!


Because It IS Just That Important!


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A Handbook for Community Awareness

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