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The Anger Clinic was established in 1972 by Mitchell H. Messer, M.A., L.P.C. Its purpose was to fill the gap left by most practitioners who were reluctant to concentrate on anger issues. The feeling among counselors then was that anger was a secondary emotion, a distraction from the real issues confronting their clients. Most often, they sidestepped anger because of its volatility, intensity and destructive potential.

Typically, anger was medicated out of existence, denied or punished. These techniques did not lead to positive changes in the clients mastery of the main tasks of life:

*Work and


Consequently, the clients felt worse as if it were their fault they had this unacceptable emotion.

Mitch Messer believed that anger was not a secondary emotion. To him it was often a primary factor prompting clients to seek relief.

As he learned more about anger, Messer discovered that the problem was not so much the anger itself as that the individual never learned how to managed it appropriately.

In fact, most people learned anger was unacceptable and had been punished for manifesting it. Since angry feelings were forbidden, they never learned proper management techniques.

Without healthy anger training, people solve anger situations much the same way their parents did, and their lives became stormier and more conflicted.

One symptom of mismanaged anger stems from suppression.

People hold back their anger completely until it builds out of control and explodes, often at the wrong time and for the wrong reason.

The headlines are full of these events:

*Child abuse,

*Domestic violence,



*Mass murder.

The words used to describe the situations are often ones like:



--stressed out, or

--senseless ... but seldom angry.

Many people avoid the words Anger and Angry out of childhood fear.

In their experience, Anger cannot be changed.

Like some irresistible unnatural force, it somehow absolves them of responsibility for their actions.

In other words: Its not their fault.


Messer decided an antidote to this growing epidemic would be to teach as many people as possible how to harness this anger energy and manage it in constructive, productive ways.

He found that when he did so, his clients'


*ungratifying and

*mutually destructive relationships turned around and became a source of happiness in an atmosphere of mutual respect.

The Anger Clinic process begins with identifying the situations that trigger anger attacks that are out of proportion to the presenting problem.

Clients usually show a pattern of suppressing their anger until the pressures, tensions and stress are intolerable.

At that point, they find themselves doing things they dont want to do, things they know theyll regret in the morning.

But they do them anyway.

They dont know how not to.

They dont know where the "OFF" button is.

Fortunately for them, the Anger Clinic does.

The Anger Clinic gives people permission to have this unpleasant but perfectly normal emotion. They are able to STOP pretending they have a red hot rivet in their stomach.

Then, the Anger Clinic relieves their frustration by giving them a choice: a more constructive way of getting this painful pressure out of their system.

People on the receiving end of mismanaged anger are also in pain.

The Anger Clinic teaches them how to stop behaving in ways that make the situation more painful than it is already.

For example, they learn how to stop defending their innocence, which is not the issue. The real issue is the pain of their partners scary, out of control rage.

It is destroying them both.

They learn how to relieve their loved ones pain in the right way.

The rage attacks begin to pass sooner.

Their partners appreciate the validation and relief that no one ever provided them before.

The relationships pass their crises and are stronger than before.

The anger attacks come farther and farther apart.


Finally, the Anger Clinic does not see managing anger as an end in itself.

When both partners begin to make these therapeutic new choices in expressing legitimate feelings and emotions:

*They are performing a service in their own behalf.

*They have stopped reacting to the provocation of others.

*They have stopped playing roles on other peoples terms.

*They have used an anger situation to liberate themselves from feeling victimized, out of control and unappreciated.

*They begin to experience:







--belonging, and

--trust in their judgment and peace of mind.

*They have begun to replace feelings of worthlessness from childhood with feelings that they are worthwhile human beings in their own right.

*Their behavior becomes more constructive and their relationships more gratifying.

*They have replaced their discouragement with encouragement.

*They have earned the right to feel self-respect.

*They are free to behave accordingly and to succeed at succeeding.

*They even deserve to enjoy their success.

*They are no longer marking time, merely existing.

*They can feel their lives.

*They are living in the present and taking life as it comes.

*They are free to do the best they can with it, and things begin, for the first time, to fall into place.

As Founder of THE ANGER CLINIC and THE ANGER INSTITUTE, Mitchell H. Messer conducts Anger Management workshops for organizations and corporations across the country.

The Anger Institute designs, organizes and conducts courses in Anger Therapy for:


*social workers,

*business managers,

*medical professionals,



*law enforcement personnel,

and all others who are sincerely interested in improving relationships by understanding and managing their anger and the anger of others.

Mitch Messer has served with the Suicide Prevention Service of the State of Illinois Department of Mental Health and been a management consultant with companies, including AT&T and Ameritech.

He received his Masters Degree in Clinical Psychology from Roosevelt University and did advanced work in abnormal psychology at the Alfred Adler Institute of Chicago.

The USCCCN International, Incorporated Booksellers organization is indeed proud to offer its clients and customers Mitch Messer's highly regarded emotional first aid book:

MANAGING ANGER: A Handbook of Proven Techniques

AND...New From Mitch Messer:



ANGER INTELLIGENCE: An Introduction to Anger Therapy.

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