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About The NEW JERSEY SONG Project

With Your Help We Have Come This Far...

About the NEW JERSEY SONG Project

and The


Currently, we, the members and supporters of The Hunter Hayes Fan Club, and the HUNTER HAYES 2001 FAN CLUB on E-Groups, are seeking to have Hunter Hayes'


designated as either The Official (or the Unofficial) State Song for the Garden State - New Jersey.

The following responses, as a result of e-mailed correspondence effort sent on May 18, 1999, to Each and Every NJ State Senator and Assemblyperson, your elected officials who represent your interests in the Garden State -New Jersey and those with listed e-mail addresses.

Out of all of your elected officials who represent your interests in Trenton, the only ones who responded appear below.

This offers us a perspective of our progress in this endeavor:

May 25,1999

Senator C. Louis Bassano (R) NJ - 21st District

Thank you for your e-mail regarding a song authored by Hunter Hayes. At the present time, there are a number of songs being considered for the official state song.

I am sure that Mr. Hayes song is a fine one, but because of the controversy surrounding this issue for so many decades, no song has ever been dubbed the official state song.

I do not, in the forseeable future, see that changing.

C. Louis Bassano, State Senator

May 25, 1999

Senator Donald T. DiFrancesco - 22d District
President - New Jersey Senate

Thank you for contacting me regarding you interest in promoting a song written by your friend, Hunter Hayes of Montclair.

The lyrics of the song look wonderful, and I truly appreciate the sentiment in the line, Atlantic City: You Look Good To Me.

I am unfortunately not in a position to select a song for the State of New Jersey, even though Mr. Hayes background is most impressive.

Your participation in the Make-A-Wish Foundation of New Jersey is commendable. I know the organization does good for a lot of people, and efforts of this kind, one individual reaching out to help another individual make the State of New Jersey great.

Let me salute your friend, Hunter Hayes, on a job well done and wish you both continued personal success."

Donald T. DiFrancesco

May 26, 1999

Christine Todd Whitman, Governor
State of New Jersey
Trenton, New Jersey

Thank you for writing to me.

I appreciate the opportunity to consider your correspondence.

Clearly, the thoughts, ideas, and concerns of the many people who write to me each day are invaluable in keeping me informed and helping me to fulfill my responsibilities as Governor.

Given the measure of your correspondence, I have asked Secretary of State DeForest B. Soaries, Jr., to review your concerns with respect to the Department of State's role in addressing them, and I have asked that a response be sent to you directly on my behalf.

I trust that the reply you receive will be helpful to you.

Should you wish to contact Secretary Soaries, you can write to the:

Department of State
State House
Post Office Box 300
Trenton, New Jersey 08625

Telephone: 609-984-1900

Again, thank you for writing. Best wishes.

Sincerely yours,
Christine Todd-Whitman, Governor

May 27, 1999

Senator Joseph F. Vitale (D) NJ - 19th District

Thank you for your message.

I suggest that you contact the Secretary of the State with your proposal at the following address:

DeForest B. Soaries, Jr., Secretary of State
State House - Post Office Box 300
Trenton, New Jersey 08625

Telephone: 609-984-1900

They should be in the best position to direct you on your goal of designating the NEW JERSEY SONG as the Official State Song.

Again, thank you for your message. Please feel free to contact me if I can ever be of any assistance.

Best wishes,
Joe Vitale
Senator, 19th District

June 2, 1999

Senator Shirley K. Turner - (D) NJ - 15th District

Thank you for contacting my office to share Mr. Hunter Hayes proposal to make his song, NEW JERSEY SONG, the official sond of the State of New Jersey.

I commend you and Mr. Hayes for sharing an innovative idea which has the potential to enhance our state and nation's prestige.

Your vision, and that of Mr. Hayes, is a positive reflection of your patriotism and your commitment to our state and nation.

I have carefully reviewed the lyrics of the NEW JERSEY SONG and will take your sentiments and goals into consideration if the Senate is presented with matters pertaining to the official song of the State of New Jersey.

However, I recommend sharing the NEW JERSEY SONG with your representatives in the seventeenth legislative district.

Upon consideration, they might be able to determine the feasibility of expediting your goals.

Again, thank you for sharing the NEW JERSEY SONG with me.

If you have additional comments or concerns which you would like to share, or if I can be of assistance, please contact my office at your convenience.


Shirley K. Turner
Senator - 15th District